Canadian Tire is a prestigious Canadian retail company that offers top-quality products in various industries such as automotive, leisure, sports, hardware, and houseware. It is also a great place to buy truck and car batteries at a reasonable price. This guide will help you know what brands you can find on Canadian Tire and the other various types you can use. Let’s jump to the car battery brands available on Canadian Tire.

car battery at canadian tire

What Car Battery Brand/Model Does Canadian Tire sell?

You can find well-known car battery brands at Canadian Tire. The good part is that each brand offers amazing variety when it comes to battery models to cater to a wide range of customer needs. Here are a few most popular car battery brands you can find on Canadian Tire.

  • MotoMaster – It is the most prominent car battery brand on Canadian Tire. There are 30+ different MotoMaster battery models available.
  • Optima Batteries – There are also flexible options available for Optima Batteries.
  • Other Battery Brands – Certified, Pro-series, Attwood.

Here are steps you can follow to find a car battery for your desired brand on Canadian Tire.

  • Visit Canadian Tire’s official Website.
  • Type the name of the brand you want to buy in the search bar.
  • You can also use Filtered Search to find the battery suitable for your car. This will narrow down your options.

How Much are Car Batteries from Canadian Tire? (Cost & Price List)

All the batteries available on Canadian Tire from different brands are less than $400. MotoMaster and Optima batteries are the most expensive brands on Canadian Tire. Their batteries are within the price range of $130-390. For other brands, the batteries are much cheaper and available within the price range of $115-$170.

Will Canadian Tire Install Car Battery? (Installation Info)

Yes, Canadian Tire does offer a car battery installation service. You will need to take your car to their auto centers. In fact, Canadian Tire auto centers also offer various other services such as repair, balancing, rotation, etc.

Canadian Tire Car Battery Warranty & Return Policy

You can return or exchange the product within 90 days of purchase provided that you have the original receipt. In case you have lost the receipt, Canadian Tire offers a receipt look-up facility where they verify credit or debit card purchases within 90 days of purchase.

Car Battery Recycling at Canadian Tire

Like many big retail cooperatives, Canadian Tire also facilitates Canadians with a car battery recycling program. Take your battery to any of the Canadian Tire stores participating in the recycling program. There are over 250 such Canadian Tire stores.

Canadian Tire Customer Service and Contact Info

For all kinds of queries and questions related to Canadian Tire, you can contact their customer service at 1-866-746-7287.

Buying Car Battery at Canadian Tire (Replacement & Price Guide)

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