If you are a regular customer of Walmart, you must be familiar with Sam’s Club. It’s a membership-only retail warehouse owned by Walmart. Since you are reading this article, you must be planning to buy a car battery from Sam’s club.

buying car battery at Sam’s club

In this guide, we will bring you all information you need to know about buying a car battery at Sam’s Club. From available brands to their price and additional services Sam’s Club offers. So keep on reading to know the valuable information.

What Car Battery Brand/Model Does Sam’s Club Sells?

Like other retail stores, there is not enough variety available at Sam’s Club when it comes to car batteries. In fact, only one automotive battery brand is available at Sam’s Club which is Duracell. There are around 27 Duracell batteries available at Sam’s Club in different group sizes.

Simply visit the Sam’s Club official website. Search car or automotive batteries and you will get the results for available options.

How Much are Car Battery from Sam’s Club? (Cost & Price List)

As mentioned earlier, there are 27 Duracell battery models available at Sam’s Club in different group sizes. The price for every group size varies. On average, a car battery can cost you between $80 to $180 provided that you are an exclusive member of Sam’s Club.

Will Sam’s Club Install Car Battery? (Installation Info)

Yes, Sam’s Club can install your car battery but you must be an active member of Sam’s Club. Besides, the service is only available for the newly purchased car batteries from Sam’s Club. According to Sam’s Club website,  the service includes the removal of old batteries, installation of a new battery, and NOCO corrosion treatment.

Sam’s Club Car Battery Warranty & Return Policy

Car batteries purchased from Sam’s Club come with a 3-year free replacement warranty. Remember that any kind of installation error or miss-application is not covered in the warranty. While Sam’s Club does offer its members a refund or replacement offer, you will need to check with your club if it includes a car battery.

Car Battery Recycling at Sam’s Club

You can recycle a dead car battery at Sam’s Club. While you will have to pay a small fee between $10 – $15 when you purchase a replacement car battery, the core charges will be refunded to you if you have purchased the battery from Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club Customer Service and Contact Info

Sam’s Club offers several convenient methods for its members to contact customer service. They are as follows

You can contact them through any of the above-given information and can always expect a solution to your problems.

Buying Car Battery at Sam’s Club (Replacement & Price Guide)

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