There is no stopping you when on the road to success- well, except for the car battery!

Often, the essential things in our lives are ignored, and not unless they break down we realize their worth. The same is the case for car batteries, the lifeblood of vehicles. Just as your vehicle needs re-fuelling, filtering, frequent washing, and cleaning to maintain, the battery needs your attention.

when car battery should be replaced

Although even after proper maintenance of the battery, you may need to replace it to ensure that your vehicle functions smoothly.

We have curated this informative article to help you learn all the signs and symptoms that will enable you to acknowledge when a car battery should be replaced.

Five Signs That Indicate Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

You know it is time to visit the doctor to be treated when your body shows signs of illness or pain. Similarly, your vehicle will also start showing signs that tell you it is time to get the car battery treated or replaced.

Here are the five significant signs that you need to keep an eye on:

1. Problems With The Engine:

Due to constant functioning, the battery suffers from wear and tear with time. One of the significant signs that will tell you that you need to replace the car battery is when the engine takes longer than usual to start the vehicle.

2. Issues With The Car Lights Or Electronics:

Are your car lights getting dim, or the air conditioner is not cooling enough to save you from the scorching heat. It may be time for a thorough battery check and the replacement because all of the vehicle’s electronics and lights are powered by the battery.If the battery works well, everything functions well and vice versa.

3. Check engine light:

If the check engine light is on, it would be best to get your battery tested even though it could mean anything. This will help you learn if the battery is working properly or needs replacement.

4. An unpleasant smell:

A foul smell like a gas leak or rotten eggs from your car will grab your attention. If the battery malfunctions, you will immediately sniff the bad smell when you open the hood. Rush to the mechanic and see if the battery needs replacement.

5. Old battery:

Even if your car battery is working great and shows no signs of bad health, you still need to get it replaced- just to err on caution. Car batteries work well for 3-5 years, but exhausting them beyond their age can lead to many other problems.

Besides these significant signs, you should also look for corroded connectors or a misshapen car battery case. As they strongly point to the trouble with the car battery.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last Before It Needs To Be Replaced

Well, there is no definite or universal answer to this. The health of a car battery depends on several factors like climate, driving habits, and age.

It would be best to replace the battery every three to five years. Although many batteries can go up to even seven years with proper maintenance, that is often a rare case scenario. As suggested by many car experts, the best you can do for your car is to replace the battery every 3 years.

Things You Can Do To Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

It is a fact that no matter how great the car battery is, it will eventually need replacement. This should not stop you from taking care of it.

Here are some tips to elongate the car battery’s life:

  • Avoid short trips as they shorten the battery life- go for longer rides frequently
  • Keep the car battery at a neutral temperature- rapid changes are not healthy for it
  • Invest in a good and reliable battery maintainer
  • Keep a check on the corrosion by cleaning the battery frequently (or get it cleaned)
  • Upkeep the battery’s maintenance with frequent testing and evaluation

You invested your hard-earned money to buy the car you love. So, take care of its components, so it stays with you for longer! Get the car battery replaced, or it will not be long before you need to replace your car.

When Car Battery Should Be Replaced? (Signs & Guide)

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