A battery is a crucial part of your car that provides energy to spark up the engine. Most cars show battery status information, but to understand that, you must know the basic information about a car’s battery.

It is crucial not to let your battery drain completely, but you should know the current condition. And that’s quite simple if you know the voltages and amperes information of a good health battery. For this reason, we come up with a straightforward Car Battery Amperage / Amp hours / Voltage Chart.

car battery amperage

Car Battery Voltage

Usually, Car batteries have a 12V standard voltage. But you won’t get exact 12V in voltage testing due to variable voltage. Generally, a healthy car battery reads around 12.4-12.6v with no ignition.

On the other hand, while the engine is running, a healthy car battery should read around 13.7-14.7v.

How To Test A Car Battery Based On Its Voltage?

As mentioned earlier, a car’s battery health can be determined by differences in battery voltage. The best way to do it is by using a multimeter. It will give quick and accurate voltage reading.  You can measure the battery voltage by following instructions:

  1. Ignite the car
  2. Turn off the Headlights, let the car run for a few minutes
  3. Set the Multimeter to 20V or 2 OHMS and wait for about 2-3 minutes.
  4. Now, plug the positive and negative leads into their respective terminals on the battery.
  5. Multimeter will show the reading in Volts, which should be around 12.70-12.50

If the car voltage is less than 12. V is considered a sign of a bad car battery voltage, reflecting possible ongoing battery issues.

Car Battery Voltage Chart

The car battery voltage chart shows the different readings with respect to the battery’s health.

Voltage State of Charge Volts Per Cell
12.70 100% 2.12
12.50 90% 2.08
12.42 80% 2.07
12.32 70% 2.05
12.20 60% 2.03
12.06 50% 2.01
11.90 40% 1.98
11.75 30% 1.96
11.58 20% 1.93
11.31 10% 1.89
10.50 0% 1.79


How Many Voltages Does It Take To Start The Engine?

It takes a minimum of 13.7 to 14.7 volts to crank up the car’s engine.

Car Battery Amp Per Hour’s Info

Alongside the battery voltage, battery amperes per hour information is also necessary to determine the overall status of battery health. As it indicates how long a battery can last if it isn’t charged.

Small car batteries have around 40 amp-hours. Mid-sized batteries for larger cars and SUVs are around 50 amp-hours. Commercial vehicles such as trucks can have batteries of around 75 amp-hours.

However, Cars batteries are rated on cranking amps or cold-cranking amps. Cranking amps can be converted into Amps per hour (AH)  by the below-mentioned figures;

If Your Sticker Reads: 200-315 CCA, or 40-60 RC, If Your Sticker Reads: 315-550 CCA, or 60-80 RC. If Your Sticker Reads: 550-1,000 CCA, or 80-190 RC
36 – 46.2 AH 46.2 – 58.8 AH 58.8 – 111

How To Check Car Battery Ampere

Car battery amperes can easily be calculated by using a multimeter.

Calculating amperes will help you determine the battery’s capacity leftover time. We highly recommend that every car owner checks on the car’s battery- amperes over time. As in extreme weather conditions, we excessively use AC/ heater, which drains the battery quickly and degrades the battery’s overall capacity.

Car battery amperage chart:

Multimeter reading % of charge remaining
12.6 100%
12.4 75%
12.2 50%
12 25%
11.9 or below 0%.

Based on Amps per hour, charging time can also be estimated. If you know the total ampere capacity of your battery, you can do some quick math to calculate the remaining amps. For example, a 1000-amp battery at 75% capacity currently holds 750 amps.

How Many Amps Does It Take To Start The Engine?

It takes ~ 300 amps for a small, compact car with a 4-cylinder engine.


Car’s battery voltage and Amper charts will give you a better understanding of car battery capacity. You can easily check your car battery’s health with a voltage and amps chart. If our article has helped you understand voltages, the amperage of batteries, and why they are important! Then don’t forget to leave feedback!

Car Battery Amperage / Amp hours / Voltage Chart

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