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Advance Auto Parts owns the DieHard brand of car batteries offered exclusively in Advance, Carquest, and Sears locations. In December 2019, Advance purchased the DieHard brand from Sears. Globe-Union Battery created the brand for Sears in 1967, and it has been in use since then. Johnson Controls then purchased Globe-Union, which continued to produce the DieHard for Sears.

Diehard battery

Sears opened a pilot location for a DieHard-branded auto servicing business, DieHard Auto Center Driven by Sears Auto, in San Antonio in 2017. The plan was to run freestanding versions of the Sears Auto Center locations previously tied to Sears department stores; the site was chosen since it was adjacent to a Sears that had shuttered.

What Type of Batteries Do Diehard Sell?

DieHard batteries shattered expectations decades ago when they were needed most – in adverse weather and for high-performance output. DieHard batteries now have the most cutting-edge technology to suit the increasing power demands of new automobiles. They’re not just any battery; they’re exceptional.

There are the following types of batteries that Diehard sell:

  • Automobile
  • Small Engine
  • Power spots
  • Marine Batteries
  • Heavy Duty Farms and Trucks

How much are Diehard Batteries?

DieHard provides a battery to match your car’s power needs. You have a newer vehicle that requires more power for accessories or an older vehicle that still needs a reliable battery. Prices of the Diehard batteries differ from model to model while it ranges up to $500.

Are Diehard Batteries Worth It?

If you’re looking for a high-quality battery but are on a budget, there’s nothing that this brand can’t beat. The manufacturer does not cut corners in terms of build quality and performance. And it’s because of this that Die Hard became so popular. It is unrivaled in the cheap category, making it simple to suggest.

Their products also last significantly longer than those of their competitors. That is, after all, what everyone is seeking.

Pros of Diehard Batteries:

  • ExcellentVibration resistance
  • AGM concept
  • Spill-proof
  • Heat-sealed
  • Warranty of three years
  • Mounting in any place is possible because of the sealed construction.
  • Suspension of electrolytes has been improved.

Cons of Diehard Batteries:

  • a few models There have been reports of batteries failing.
  • Few models may die quickly.
  • CCA is lower in a few models, and there is more reserve time.

Where are Diehard Batteries Made?

Because the new manufacturer Clarios LLC has not published the information, it is difficult to identify the current manufacturing location of Diehard batteries. On the other hand, Johnson Controls used to have manufacturing plants all over the world.

Johnson Controls had production and operations locations worldwide, including the United States, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, and China. Most Diehard batteries were supposedly made and assembled at Johnston’s USA factory in Wisconsin.

Diehard Warranty

Look no further than a Tires Plus DieHard battery for dependable performance when you need it most. These batteries are covered by a two- to four-year free replacement warranty. The length of the guarantee varies depending on the battery type. Furthermore, DieHard Assurance covers any battery fitted by their trained technicians for 24 months/24,000 miles.

How to Find Diehard Dealers Near Me?

You can visit the website: https://www.diehard.com/retail/ to find the dealer if you want to sell or purchase the Diehard battery.

Diehard Customer Service and Contact Info

If you would like to stop sharing your Personal Information with the affiliates for direct marketing reasons in the future, please contact at 1-877-ADVANCE (238-2623). And if you would like to stop sharing your Personal Information with unaffiliated third parties, please contact at 1-877-ADVANCE (238-2623).

Diehard Battery (History, Buy Near Me, Worth it?)

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